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Name Of YHWH

Name Of YHWH

אב שמים אלה אהיה אשר אהיה יהוה  
[hebrew reads right to left, like chinese]

transliteration into english alphabet or letters reads:  
[please refer to strong's transliteration and pronunciation of hebrew and aramaic, pg. iv, Introduction to the Hebrew and Aramaic Dictionary]

the hebrew as spoken today in our time is no longer the same hebrew spoken in the beginning.  through time is also distortion and with the captivity, enslavement, mixing of ethnic groups also means changes and perversions.  in my personal study looking at hebrew, aramaic, greek, the three together reinforce and clarify.  a common thread noted is the preference of hebrew for the 'a' sound and the aramaic for the 'e'.  though sister dialects, the aramaic tends toward a 'twang' that is different from the original.  although in many words is still the recognizable similarities.  

hebrew comes from a rich oral tradition passed down verbally from generation to generation until there arose a need to write down the language as the culture was being degraded through captivity in the time of mosheh.  because of its oral tradition, the written language at the time only necessitated the use of consonants as the vowels and syllables are well known.  with the passing of time is an erosion of tradition, transmission of customs and beliefs, with different elements infiltrating this communication.

when we seek YHWH in Truth and Humility, Conveyance Is Always Direct.  sitting at YHWH's Feet daily to learn of our Creator, Origin, Source And Giver Of LIFE is a True Blessing.  Here is where we are taught Direct, connecting with HEART AND LIFE Of YHWH.

use of the chinese bible for its phonetic faithfulness to hebrew is also considered in reference to possible vowel preference of the Original.

thus read in english the Name Of YHWH:

[transliteration of hebrew shown in capitals, possible vowel pronunciation shown with preference for 'a' sound]

Meanings of each hebrew word:

H1- אב ABba:  father, chief, principal, relateds to familial relationship, parent, progenitor, first, lord and ruler of all, position of honor and respect, one who begets and protects, Eternal Everlasting Father, union

H8064- שמים also שמה ShaMaYiM or ShaMaH:  to be lofty, heaven, atmosphere, expanse, place of exaltation, dwelling place of Most High, conspicuous position, honor, authority, character, name, eternal, remembered, complete, harmonious union, peaceful, rest, HOME, fullness of knowledge and discernment, taught by YaH

H433- אלה ALaH:  to ascend, be high, mount, raised, arose, exalted, to go up, offer up, movement from lower to higher place, to rise up, increase in strength, present, lofty, elevation, Supreme, Most High, Highest, uppermost, Eternal, Everlasting, one true God of heaven, Faithfulness, Mercy, Victorious

H3068/1961- יהוה also אהיה אשר אהיה YaHWaH AHYaH AShaR AHYaH:  self Existent Eternal One, Personal Name by which YaH relates specifically to those who know Him, I AM AS I AM, Deliverance, Sacred Personal Name of Most High, Certain True Revelation AS IS, Truth Eternal, Complete Devotion, Faithful To Accomplish, Complete, Verified, YaHWaH Who made the covenant is also YaHWaH Who Keeps and brings about fulfillment of covenant, Satisfaction, Assurance, Will Of Yah, result, LIGHT AND LIFE GIVER, Creator

H3050- יה YaH:  contracted from H3068, means the same, Sacred Name Of YaHWaH

in the Presence Of YaHWaH evokes a deep sense of awe, appreciation and thus in the speaking of Sacred Name Of YaH, draws forth deep regard and awe no human word can describe.  Humility is close, complete prostration in YaH's Presence, dumb struck, like Dani'el, feeling like a 'worm'.  knowing our weakness in YaH's Strength And Enduring Mercy.  Blessed Be The Name Of YaHWaH OLaM AMeN.

Reference:  The New Strong's Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Red Letter Edition, 2010.  ISBN:  978-4185-4168-2.  The Hebrew Strong's numbers indicated by 'H', Greek by 'G' in front of the numbers.

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